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  • How to Change Your Website’s Domain Name (Without Hurting SEO): A Step-by-Step Guide
    Who wakes up and changes their domain name in the first place? Perhaps someone who’s discovered a competitive advantage in the act. Anyways, if you fall in this category, you don’t need to lose sleep over the matter. It’s possible to change domain names without hurting your site’s SEO.  How can you go about that?  […]
  • Traditional Marketing Methods That Still Work Just As Well Today
    Marketing has certainly come a long way from what worked decades ago. Nowadays, there are so many marketing channels to pick and choose from that it can be challenging to limit your marketing strategy to one or two at the most. Moreover, it is the more traditional marketing methods that have continued to stand the […]
  • Grammarly Review – Should You Buy This Grammar Tool?
    This Grammarly review will show what this tool can do. puts this tool to the test!  Find out all the features Grammarly has. This Grammarly review is going to help you on deciding if you want to use it or not.  Good grammar really matters when you have a website online.  It doesn’t have […]
  • 7 Simple Hacks To Convert Your First-Time Visitors Into Loyal Blog Readers
    The biggest challenge for any new blogger on the way to success is to build an audience for their blog. But, what really makes it a challenge is that in order for you to build an audience for your blog, you have to be able to make people stick with your blog. In other words, […]
  • How To Start An eCommerce Site – 10 Steps
    Starting an eCommerce website from scratch can be an extremely daunting task. After all, you ventured into eCommerce as a businessperson, and not an IT specialist, so all the web talk has you mostly confused.  However, there are a lot of WordPress plugins that can help you with your eCommerce website.  My advice would be […]
  • Top Free Web Hosting No Ads – Updated For 2022
    Let’s be honest for a second, running a business can be expensive. I know this all too well. I started a business back in 2008, and it was quite the learning experience. But, when we hear the words “free” our ears perk up. Here is a quick guide to what will be covered: Free Hosting […]
  • Best WordPress SEO Plugins – 2022
    I wrote this article on the best WordPress SEO plugins I have used over the years. SEO plugins are a must if you actually care about your SEO. There is a lot of myths on SEO, and if you’re unsure about SEO, I would recommend you read this SEO beginner guide created by Moz. Since […]
  • 500 Error Messages 5 Quick Fixes
    A lot of people get worried when they see a “500 Internal Server Error” message.  This can look different in Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari or any other browser you are using on your computer.  Should you worry about these error messages?  Yes, the reason being is because it’s a problem with the server in which […]
  • Things You Wish You Knew Before Signing up With SiteGround
    Ever since their establishment in 2004, SiteGround Hosting has been the company that online businesses and website owners go to for high-quality, “well-crafted” hosting solutions. Based in Bulgaria, they have been one of the fastest growing independent hosting company with great hosting solutions ranging from shared Linux hosting to Dedicated and Cloud server hosting. A lot of people have […]
  • Best Caching Plugins For WordPress
    It’s a matter of time before your website will need a caching plugin if you’re using the WordPress CMS. A caching plugin will prevent websites from taking an extended amount of time to load.  They reduce the server workload and improve the user experience on your site.  Once, you start getting 200+ visitors per day […]
EIG Owned Web Hosting Companies - 70+ Hosting Brands
Heads up folks: EIG was recently rebranded and now goes by the name Newfold Digital (2021) If you’re new to, you have probably heard the words EIG and notice that a lot of webmasters, including myself, don’t speak very highly of them. EIG (Endurance International Group) is a web hosting company that owns dozens and dozens of different web hosting companies. A lot of webmasters would be shocked to learn that once they have had problems with one host, and then migrate to another, they might still be under the EIG umbrella.
GoDaddy Vs NameCheap – For Domain Names
Buying domain names is a must for any site owner. A lot of people struggle to want to know where you should buy your domains? I have used both NameCheap and GoDaddy over the years and wanted to write an article that shows you the pros and cons of buying domains with both of these companies. After reading this GoDaddy vs. Namecheap article, you should be able to decide which company you should purchase your domain names from.
Is Sitelock Worth It? – A Closer Look!
SiteLock is a service that is sold by a lot of popular hosts. A lot of them have licensing deals with SiteLock. Hostgator is one company that is partnered with them. SiteLock seems to be a big partner with all EIG owned web hosting companies. So, there is a good chance you have heard of them before. Maybe your website has been hacked, or your host has notified you that your account has been suspended. Typically, they require you to purchase SiteLock to help safeguard your files. Should you hurry up and purchase SiteLock or is it just a waste of money? In this article I hope to teach you everything you need to know about SiteLock; then you can decide if it’s right for your website or not.